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The contractors for Water Rescue understand these issues. In our mold remediation process we use containment construction and remediation techniques to meet EPA and IICRC guidelines. We do extensive testing, take numerous moisture readings, and constantly evaluate and monitor the entire remediation process to ensure that a CERTIFIED CLEARANCE IS ACHIEVED.


If mold is allowed to go unchecked, some types of these microscopic organisms can create dangerous conditions for many of us. Mycotoxins, produced by molds, are thought to contribute to the irritations and illnesses associated with exposure to hold. Years of scientific studies show mold needs to be removed or prevented from growing in our homes or businesses or we may be adversely affected.


Mold needs three things to grow
   1) A food source
   2) Suitable temperature
   3) Adequate moisture levels

The first two conditions exist in every building. To the only condition you can control is moisture level. How can you determine it?

1. Moisture intrusion. Standing or running water by leaks or floods involving HVAC systems or external failures.

2. Moisture content. The residual water left in the building by moisture intrusion due to high humidity, or west sheetrock, insulation or other structural or building contents.

Both conditions can be invisible. If undetected or uncorrected they can lead to serious mold problems. In fact, unobtrusive leaking pipes, roofs, basements and A/C systems are the most common causes of mold, creating the perfect environment for these microscopic organisms.

The Solutions: Water Rescue Inc.

Water Rescue Inc. contractors are industry leaders in mold prevention and remediation. Combining experience, training and state of the art technology, we identify moisture conditions and assure that your building is properly dried out after water intrusion.

Because mold spores are usually invisible and float on air currents, they can cross-contaminate your entire facility if mishandled. WRI's Certified mold remediators and technician contractors are trained to follow every procedure outlines in the remediation protocols. WRI contractors have successfully performed complicated remediation, which require setting up negative air pressure, total containment chambers, HEPA-filtered air exchange systems and full body protective gear for out technicians. This controls the spread of mold pores, and minimizes disruption in your building.

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