24 Hour Emergency Service/Water Extraction
Water Damage/Sewage Clean-Up/Storm Damage

Water Damage/Sewage Clean-Up

Experiencing a flood in your home or office can be a horrific event. You will need a restoration company that has a history of providing a professional, honest and fast service of restoring your property and contents to pre-loss condition.

Let our technicians

  1. Assess the level of moisture damage through infra red camera, thermal hygrometer and non-evasive moisture meters.

  2. Extract any water or sewage remaining in the structure.

  3. Remove and discard any non-salvageable material or contents.

  4. Clean, treat, and decontaminate all affected areas with anti-microbial to prevent future mold problems or health issues.

  5. Determine and use the most aggressive drying and dehumidification process for your damaged structure and contents.

  6. Rebuild your structure to pre-loss conditions

There are very critical procedures that must be implemented quickly or your total loss can be much higher than necessary.

The technicians at Water Rescue carry the industry's highest certifications in water loss management. Our massive inventory or drying and dehumidification equipment is state of the art and ranges from the small residential dryers to massive desiccants that are capable of drying apartment complexes and high-rise office buildings. Water damage must be completely and properly dried out or you will develop a mold problem that further elevates your loss.

Storm Damage

Storm and wind damage can be as unexpected as any other property damaging event. When trees are blown over onto your property or structure, Water Rescue will have emergency crews dispatched immediately to remove the fallen item, cut it up and remove all debris. Any broken windows or roof penetration will be boarded up, covered and replaced or rebuilt as soon as weather permits.

Hurricanes and tornados have been disrupting lives for over 25 years, with the problems to be fixed by professionals at Water Rescue. You can count on Water Rescue to rebuild your home or structure to like-new condition


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